The Jalisco Collection!

The Journey of Agave from Jalisco to Jozi

The agave plant embarks on an extraordinary journey from its birthplace in Jalisco, Mexico, where the rich volcanic soil and temperate climate provide the ideal conditions for cultivation. It takes several years for the agave to mature before it is harvested by skilled jimadors, who carefully extract the piñas, or hearts, of the plant.


Once harvested, the piñas undergo a meticulous process of roasting, shredding, fermenting, and distilling to transform them into tequila. At our Rocket Boutique Distillery in Johannesburg, we honour this tradition by using authentic methods to craft our tequila, ensuring that each bottle captures the essence of its Mexican roots while embracing the spirit of South Africa.


The Pondersa

Mexican Agave Spirit (Blanco)

With each taste, savour the untamed beauty and fearless spirit of The Ponderosa, as you bring a piece of Jalisco to Jozi with every pour.


Every sip is a journey into the heart of the Mexican wilderness. Crafted from raw agave nurtured under the blazing sun of Jalisco’s rugged terrain, each bottle captures the spirit of adventure. Close your eyes and envision the vibrant colours of the desert, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and embrace the essence of Jalisco brought to life in every sip.

The Pondersa – Mexican Agave Spirit
La Mancha - Golden Mexican Agave Spirit

La Mancha

Golden Mexican Agave Spirit (Reposado)

With each sip, raise a toast to bravery, curiosity, and the timeless legacy of La Mancha.


Step into the captivating world of La Mancha, where tales of courage and adventure converge. Crafted from the finest amber agave, our agave spirit embarks on a transformative journey within wooden barrels, emerging with a golden hue that embodies the spirit of Don Quixote’s bold exploits. Just as Don Quixote dared to chase his dreams, La Mancha beckons you to embrace the unexpected and revel in the thrill of the unknown.

Experience the essence of Jalisco brought to life in every bottle of The Jalisco Collection.

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