Glitter and moonshine spirit tasting
B-Merch Glitter and Moonshine Tasting Evenings

Glitter & Moonshine Evenings

When the sun sets you can hear the faint rustling of leaves and flurries of laughter when you turn your head to look the other way. There is no cause for concern though because what you are experiencing is the distinct coming together of our magical creatures; fairies, pixies, and elves, sparkling unicorns, shimmering mermaids and more – all kicking up a sandstorm in preparation for their nightly feast and dancing fun in the moonlight.  They are all inclusive and invite you and your friends to join in on their magical time too!


Take your friendship gatherings to the ultimate level by turning them into Glitter and Moonshine Tasting Evening!


During the initial lockdown in 2020, we got to brewing some magical spirits – gin potions and moonshine to make for a smooth, pot stilled spirit sensation. 

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