Conspiracy Spirits
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Welcome to the Age of the
Conspiracy Spirits Range

Sneaky whispers at the water cooler during coffee breaks with colleagues. Heated debates with parents at your best friend’s, cousin’s, daughter’s 16th birthday party, and compelling facts found and shared with your hubby when falling prey to the YouTube spiral, feeling like Alice in Wonderland as she fell into the black hole, losing all sense of time. This my dear friends is a tale of Conspiracy Theories! We’ve all heard them, might even willfully wish some of them to be true, or blatantly believe in them and actively gone hunting for the proof.

We’ve heard your pleas and felt your pain which is why Our NEW Conspiracy Spirits Range has been specifically crafted. Solve the most unbelievable of plots, the flavour, for each of our new signature range, which has undoubtedly been covered up by the Federal Bureau of Investigation with fake news to hide the fact that our Conspiracy range is so delightfully intriguing. Sip clues and work closely with your fellow friends to solve these conspiracies before the government gets wind and SILENCES YOU! Capeesh?

All Bitchin’ Merch items are made to order – ensuring you get the right amount of magic in every order. (Up to 15 working days to manufacture.)