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Shimmering, Sparkling, Sensational Pot Stilled Gin

In a land so near, near and dear there used to be this thing called a lockdown.  See, there was a time when virus particles ran rampant in the streets and all the king’s dutiful servants had to make sure that men, women and children would be safe from the evil virus and so imposed a lockdown that felt like it might have been 6 years but it’s only been, well it’s not over yet, but it’s only been a few months so far.


This lockdown brought with it some bittersweet moments, such as the moment it was declared that no more alcohol would be sold to the country’s residents and along with it, some of the magic faded.


A land with no magic?  That can’t be right!  And it is due to this that we went about a way to bring the magic back by the grand creation of Bitchin pot stilled gin!


After a short while the stilling pot began to whisper, a few faint cries emerged and once decanted it was clear – we had brought the magic back! What we saw in front of our eyes can’t be described as anything other than our wildest fairy tale dreams come true!  There were shimmering unicorns, sparkling mermaids, pixies, elves and more.


Before the magic started fading again, we poured the shimmering potion into bottles with caps screwed on tightly to keep our dream alive.


Why are we telling you this? Because we need your help! We need to bring some magic back to Mzanzi and together we can do it by ensuring that all Bitchin’ Gin gets into the hands and homes of the townspeople.


Go on, order a sample pack, one bottle, two bottles more – let’s get some more of our magic potion out there!


Glittering, tinsel like, sparkle, shimmery

Bitchin’ Spirits fantasy range of gin is a beautiful clinquant collection of magical potions.

All Bitchin’ Merch items are made to order – ensuring you get the right amount of magic in every order. (Up to 7 working days to manufacture.)